Our Company

The Sguaraunda Brewery was born in August 2003 from idea of two friends as well as lovers of beer drinkers, always looking for good pitchers that were not the usual universally available.
This has led us far and breadth of Europe to consume his elbows on the counters until the day that we decided to go it alone.
We made beers for years as a hobby and finally we find a place to put a plant and we started.
The production officially began in May 2004 with a plant 2HL, in a pub in Pagazzano proposing to draft and bottled one blonde, one red, one red and one black weiss smoked.
After two years of encouraging results, the brewery was moved to its current and modern headquarters Pagazzano to devote himself exclusively to the production and sale of beer.
In May 2012, the brewery has been radically modernized and replaced with an efficient brewhouse from 12 HL, to finally fulfill the request of beers that were increasing in recent years, and ran out the beers in no time.

Into The premises of the brewery, Massimo and Roberto, the only two members, dealing with raw materials, preparation of must, fermentation, bottling and putting in barrel and subsequent fermentation, also sales and deliveries, most everything that revolves around a brewery, the shop inside, relations with customers and suppliers, fairs and festivals.
Our beers are all low fermentation (except weiss, of course) and must be stored at 5 ° C, so they can stay out of the fridge or in the cellar.
Are not pasteurized and nor filtered.
All our products are of German inspiration, so not too bitter to be even more pleasant and drinkable.
In producing our beers we don't follow any fashion is British nor American, but we rely on our tastes and those of your customers.
so we are here in our charming little village of Lower to produce gallons of beer for the health of our customers, because the beer is good well done.
"A beer that is promoted by itself, you should make the legs to the bottles and send them around!
Know what is the real damage of this beer? What then can not drink the more ... How about we put something addictive? Bah?!" (said a friend of ours)