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Whole Year Beers


Beer from bright gold color, obtained from malts and German hops, very intense aroma, slightly sweet on the palate with a pleasant bitter regrogusto. Generous foam.

Bionda Doppio Malto

Beer with a golden color very intense. Inviting aroma and flowers. The malt sweetness is balanced by hops. Of great personality.


Beer IMC certified and made from raw materials from organic farming is a light beer with a nice foam, is very sensitive to the balance of Pils malt balanced by the bitter hops which gives it a very light and makes it very drinkable. Available all year round.


Beer malted wheat and barley, slightly amber-colored and turbid due to the natural yeast in suspension. Abundant foam and strong hints of fruit like bananas or pears owed ??by foreign fermentation.


Beer deep red color and full of character malts but gentle; final dry hops and floral. It can accompany hearty dishes.


Beer amber color, obtained from Pale and Aromatic malt, malt character with a very strong hopping abundant with traditional bittering hops for aroma and generous doses of aromatic hops Americans.


Beer made from malt smoked over wood to get an intense aroma of smoke. On the palate it has smoked and malty with a right amount of hops that leaves a pleasant aftertaste. It may be accompanied with meats and smoked fish.

Birra di Pagazzano

Beer made ??from malt Vienna (type fallen out of use long since) that give it a nice light amber color. Classic taste, medium bitterness is not to oppose the taste of malt and generous foam.The malts and hops are traditional German.


Celebratory beer made from barley malt and wheat is presented in a very light color and veiled. The high alcohol content plato gives it a slight sweetness, opposed by a weak aroma of hops. Very fragrant and full of foreign high fermentation.


Very aromatic beer balanced with sweet and bitter taste.

Seasonal Beers

Black Sàbat

Black beer and strong impenetrable black in color, character and roasted malt with a bitter but well balanced by the strength of this malt.

Birra DI Natale

Special beer produced over the Christmas period from the copper color load. It is very aromatic and pleasantly spicy, with chestnut honey and a particular spice, complex taste.


The typology is always different; it is currently a high fermentation BLANCHE of about 5.5% alc, with barley and wheat malt, coriander and bitter orange.